After the general fluster caused by AP announcing it was ok to use the term “website,” last week, I had a few conversations with colleagues and clients encouraging them to set up their own websites. I wouldn’t say my website guaranteed the growth of my small-biz startup, but it’s definitely an essential building block.

For instance, just one or two days after I set up, I met with a potential client about a long-term contract. She was still holding an old version of my resume in her hand without a website listed, at the same time she was saying, “…and from what I saw on your website…” She had already visited my site? I hadn’t even told her about it. That’s a clue to the power of having a website.

I’ve even encouraged clients who are job hunting to set up a site for themselves so it can act as a virtual resume. Hand out your card with your website address, and suitors can browse to their hearts’ content. No matter what you have to offer, a site can give a general description of your business, list your services, detail your experience, name your satisfied clients and even display samples of your work. Read more about how easily you can set up a site. 5 Small Biz Website Musts –


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