A Magazine By Any Other Name


If a magazine is not printed on paper, is it still a magazine?

One voice in the debate touts that “a magazine must be paginated, edited, designed, date stamped, permanent, and periodic,” which rings true to me. However, I’d subtract “paginated” from that list.

Some publishers who want to go digital choose a “digital magazine” format, that looks like a traditional magazine on your screen but still has to go through the print layout/design phase before the PDF can be digitized and available to readers via a link.

I find this format less useful since the content isn’t stored in a content management system, and therefore can’t be available via simple, independent article searches. Since content can now be tagged to digital object identifiers (DOIs), much like ISSNs, the online content is as permanent as any biodegradable print form. 

Read more about this debate in So, What is a Magazine, Really? – Printing Industry News and Opinion from Print CEO.


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