Don Draper as Role Model?


The new season of “Mad Men” is all about Don Draper leading the way in his newly formed agency. But what kind of leadership skills does he possess? Will his creative talent fall victim to his boozy propensity to pull cute secretaries onto the couch? Maybe that kind of behavior cut the mustard when he started his career, but keeping up with social cues is a must for any business leader.

I also recently caught a rerun of the mid-90’s office drama “Disclosure” with Michael Douglas playing  subordinate to Demi Moore’s aggressive female character. From Douglas mindlessly patting his female assistant on the backside, to Moore’s demand for sexual superiority, the portrait of social cues is still thought provoking a decade-and-a-half later.

Read more about how art imitates life in Abrams’ article ‘Mad Men’ offers good business lessons –


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