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Great for Nonprofit Managers

March 12, 2010

Managing a nonprofit organization can be an overwhelming and very stressful task. Often times a manager at a nonprofit wears many different hats and not only has to know how to do each aspect of the organization but needs to know how to do it well. There is hardly time for researching current issues, new resources and best practices because you are too busy trying to get the job done. The Nonprofit Times, a bi-monthly subscription magazine and a free weekly newsletter, is the leading publication for nonprofit management and is a great magazine that compiles tons of useful information together. It offers information on best management practices and tools, addresses financial issues and donor relations, provides nonprofit news and has great articles and insight into volunteer, board and employee management. Not only does it update you on what is going on in the nonprofit world today, but it also provides information on other organizations projects and their progress. This is a great magazine for those organizations who work very hard to provide for their communities.   The Nonprofit Times