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Change the World With Social Media

June 16, 2010

Social media savvy can certainly help you grow your business by reaching your target consumer, but nonprofits also have to get comfortable using this set of tools. E-mails, blogs, Facebook and Twitter are all tools that build relationships, and these relationships are key to driving change in a nonprofit world. In order to engage people in your mission, you have to open the door for two-way conversations about social issues, politics, community activities and more. Check out Beth Canter and Allison Fine’s new book The Networked Nonprofit: Using Social Media to Power Social Networks for Change

Insourcing Is In

February 17, 2010

Heard this week on Good Morning America that some workers are finding projects with international companies looking for U.S. expertise. Tory Johnson emphasized being both “global and local” when pitching to these clients. For instance, if I was gunning for a client in Tokyo, I’d be sure to mention that I once lived there and which local restaurants or districts I enjoyed. Watch Tory Johnson’s tips on reverse outsourcing.